Memories captured in a way that will make you want to watch them over and over again.


I make short videos that have soul. I shoot my own footage as well as edit and color them. Making a video like this is a creative process.

Wedding photos

I love capturing a wedding day because it's full of real emotion and there's no need to create anything artificial. In terms of time, I only book full day weddings on weekends.

Capturing love

For me love means God. And thanks to Him, the love between us always brings a smile to my face and caress my heart. Because in love we are all beautiful, perfect.

Analog photography

I got into analogue photography by accident when I bought a Zenit at a flea market. I've been hooked ever since and have a decent collection of these gems at home. It's my new hobby.


I love exploring new places and capturing their atmosphere. Just getting lost in the unknown. Whether in the city or in nature. I love beautiful views and the smell of the forest.



I take photos or videos myself from that point of view I can’t provide both services.
For more information on pricing and other options please feel free to ask.

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If you have any questions whether for wedding photography or other projects, please email or call me. I will be happy to answer your questions.